The Event

September 20, 2010

I’ve just started watching The Event, the pilot for the latest show to be called the new Lost. So far, so good. It opens with something on a jet plane, kind of like Lost, and the credits indicate a good mix of familiar-but-forgotten names (Joseph C. Phillips, Laura Innes) and the usual suspects (Zeljko Ivanek, who apparently has to be in every TV series). Of particular interest to me is star Jason Ritter, son of John, who looks exactly like his father, if his father had been played by James Marsden.

I haven’t watched TV on TV since Lost ended. I’m a Hulu man, a DVD renter. But my new schedule finds me in a quiet house Monday nights, once the kids have gone to sleep, so I might tune in to this program weekly.

Right after it is the new Hawaii 5-0. That’s a nice bonus. I’ll have to change the channel; NBC just previewed something called Chase that looks really, really excellent, and by excellent I mean crappy.

This all may change in about 90 minutes.


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