Worst Music Video Ever of the Week: ButtaScotch Swirl

August 8, 2009

This is the latest bad video to go viral. I found it on reddit.com; it’s making the rounds of all the social sites. It really has to be seen to be appreciated.


  • This video contains harsh language and derogatory descriptions of women.
  • This video contains a stupid-looking pudgy white guy who thinks he can rap.
  • This video contains a “fight scene” in which ButtaScotch Swirl beats up a little tiny man. Yeah, that’s cool.
  • “Oh yeah? Throw me out? I’ll show you! I’ll throw garbage bags full of my own stuff into the ocean! And then I’ll get smashed on one mouthful of whiskey! I’m badass.”
  • At first, I thought this was a joke, a hate letter to ButtaScotch Swirl’s ex. But then I watched some more and understood that the odds are against this guy having an ex-anything.
  • As you watch this, ButtaScotch Swirl wants you to think he’s rollin’ with his homies, drinking Colt .45 in the back of a limo while several hot women fight for his attention.
  • In reality, ButtaScotch Swirl, at this exact moment, is in tears, begging his mother to reconnect his Internet so he can look at naked ladies online.
  • I don’t usually pay much attention to YouTube comments (they make IMDBers look clever), but in this case, you should read them.
  • Just because you can make a music video doesn’t mean you should.

UPDATE: I really did think this was a joke, until I found this:

It’s a good thing that he doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks.


  1. Yay! This one is my favorite!!! 😀

  2. haha i know this kid. hes serious about his music.

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