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Today’s Moron: Jax, aka Jack Charon

July 14, 2009

Dear Jax,

I notice that you have removed my post on the X-rated teacher from your blog. And when you removed it, all the fun comments from Weather Station 1 readers around the world went, too. That’s too bad; those comments were better than my original post, which you stole and claimed to be your own.

Luckily, Google caches everything. Not the comments, though, which is also too bad.

Stealing other people’s work is pretty easy, especially in the blogosphere. The only way a writer can track down a plagiarist is by randomly googling lines of text, hoping they lead to thieves. Not this time, though. See, Jax, you were stupid; when you copied and pasted my post, you brought along an embedded link to an earlier story on my blog. And I noticed, thanks to WordPress’s excellent tracking system, that a whole bunch of people were clicking on a link at your blog to get to mine. Wait, no, I made that up just to be nice. It was one person.

Anyway, I clicked on the referrer link, and found my own work, with your name on it. I Twittered about it, and before long people were letting you know what they think.

Please don’t think I’m upset or angry. I’m not. This whole thing has been an interesting experience. People steal from me all the time, but usually it’s just an idea, or a joke, not a whole article.

And after reading your blog, I understand why you did it. We all want to sound a little smarter sometimes.

Best wishes,


P.S. You’re a douchebag.


Today’s Moron: Smoking Mom-To-Be

June 27, 2009

How stupid is this woman? In addition to what you see here, her two other kids were running around unattended, without sunscreen or hats. Yes, I’m judgmental, but let me put it like this: Do what you want to your own body. Don’t ruin your children’s — born or unborn.

Do I feel a little pervy for shooting this at the beach today? Not really. As a great man once said, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one. Especially if that one is a misguided stupid young lady who thinks it’s okay to smoke in what is clearly her third trimester.”

I didn’t try to hide my actions, although this is a crop; there were a lot more people around her. And I’ve blurred her face, because who she is just isn’t important. This is a public service journalism page, after all, and it’s important to draw attention to this symbol of stupidity. For all I know, she had a Wildberry cooler in that Gatorade bottle; wouldn’t surprise me.

The Internet is a funny thing. Nothing ever disappears. So there’s a chance that 20 years or so from now, a stunted, asthmatic person with random health issues will see this photo, recognize Mom and say “Wow, now it all makes sense.” I hope that doesn’t happen. But it could.

This woman is not alone in her stupid actions. If you don’t see a problem with what she’s doing, smarten the hell up.


2Days Moroon: Duglis County Schole Districk

February 18, 2009

The Duglis County Schole Districk around Danver is canseling the spelling B bcause of bujit cuts. What a mistake! Every1 noes spelling B starts kids off rite with the bilding blox of good grammer and spelling. Competing for honers for bing good spellers helps kids go on to collige and land them high-paiding jobs, like banker or presadent.

But the schole districk says no mony for the spelling B, so thast that.

In relatid news, I heared the Duglis County Schol Districk buyed new stuff for football guys and the principel gots a new set of gulf clubs.