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A Plea For Purging: Malevolence

March 24, 2010

Hey, I’m swamped at work and busy at home, so I don’t have time to entertain you. I’ll let these guys do it.

This is A Plea For Purging. The song is called Malevolence. And it’s only the best rock video I’ve seen since Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. I’m not alone in that opinion; the video is spreading virally and is rocketing these schmoes into the public eye. More people are watching this today than that video of George Bush wiping his hand on Bill Clinton (although I hear Hilary has that one set to repeat).

I especially like how the five guys don’t look like they would even hang out together, let alone perform in the same band. They look like they could be the drummers from five different local groups at a cut-rate battle of the bands down at the rink.

Go ahead and watch it again. You know you want to.


Music Review: F*cking Around With Oasis

September 2, 2009

Wow, Movies You Should See was right:
some people DO look like they smell.

Please forgive the cuss word in the title today, folks. I don’t usually use foul language here at the Weather Station, but sometimes it just works. Anyway, I was thinking about Oasis this morning, because apparently the band has broken up, which I don’t care about. Like a lot of you, I didn’t even know Oasis was still around.

They had their day. In fact, you can look it up: it was in 1996, when Wonderwall became the band’s top-selling single. After that, I don’t know much about what happened, and I’m a music guy. Maybe some of you out there remain big Oasis fans, but really, I never got the buzz.

I do like Wonderwall, though. Great song, great lyric. It features one of the best drum performances of the 90s, and works on every level as a solid pop performance. Not a bad legacy, really; the bands of the 1990s tend to be remembered for one great song, and while sometimes it’s Glycerine or Lump or Pretty Fly For A White Guy, other times it’s Wonderwall. So there’s that.

But I find it fascinating that Wonderwall lives on as a subject of uncountable mashups. For those of you who don’t know what that is (in other words, my mother), a mashup is a DJ-created piece of music that takes two or more songs and merges them. They work best when the song choices are wickedly similar, but nobody ever noticed (like this one, my favourite). Sometimes they don’t work at all. But Wonderwall seems to be at the heart of a lot of them.

What does this say about the song? Is it deceptively simple? Or corny and unoriginal? A bit of both, I’d say. It’s easy to play on guitar, and it’s easy to sing. It’s easy to remember and hum. But it still has an emotional core that’s unique — in other words, it’s a solid pop song.

It also says that when it comes to mashups, a lot of people like fucking around with Oasis.


Big Bad Hair: Iggy Pop, Instinct

August 25, 2009

I don’t have as much to say about 80s music as I used to think I did, but I cobbled together some thoughts here at my micropodcast site. Have a listen.

After that, read a smarter guy’s thoughts on this album here.


I Have No Use For U2

February 27, 2009

Twenty-five years after I first heard their whining, derivative, over-jangled stupid music, I continue to think of U2 as the ultimate over-hyped modern rock band. I mean, when Larry Mullen Jr. was named Best Drummer by Rolling Stone readers in 1987, I had to cry “crap” as loudly as I could.

Good to see I’m not alone. Twitter is abuzz tonight with I Hate U2 comments, and I’m seeing more and more of it out there.

So here’s what I propose: a special edition of the Big Bad Hair podcast, with various points of view woven in. Whether you want to defend U2’s musical legacy or join me in laughing at Bono’s stupid sunglasses, I want to hear from you. Send me an audio clip if you’re able, or just an email; I’ll read them on the show. And if anyone wants to co-host the episode, I’m always happy to have a friend on board.

You can email the show at, or contact me via this site.