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Weather Station 1 Now Endorses D-Link™ Routers

August 1, 2010

Weather Station 1 is proud to tell you about a fine and helpful product. My D-Link™ router brings a nice 21st-century edge to our flowery pink main-floor washroom, which was probably last redecorated in the early 80s. Thanks, D-Link™! You’ve made a real difference in our lives.

If you’re more interested in using your D-Link™ router as the hub of a home wireless network, you’re in luck! Ask yourself these questions:

  • … Do you just hate having reliable wireless networking in your home? Then D-Link™ is the router for you!
  • … Do you like spending close to eight months talking to various technical support people who barely speak English and specialize in having you close everything, then reopen everything, then go back to the same setup page over and over again? Then D-Link™ is the router for you!
  • … Are you looking for a router that allows only one of your wireless devices to access the network at a time? Then D-Link™ is the router for you!
  • … Do you want to ensure that your kids will never, ever be able to get that Nintendo Wii online? Then D-Link™ is the router for you!
  • … Does it make you smile when your router suddenly resets itself to June 2009, erases all the firmware updates you’ve given it, and wipes your home network off the map? Then D-Link™ is the router for you!
  • … If you like having tech support people tell you they’re passing you along to a senior support agent, then hang up, well, D-Link™ is the router for you!
  • … Are slow speeds and the constant need to unplug and reboot your router a real turn-on? Then D-Link™ is the router for you!
  • … Do you want to hear a technical support representative tell you “Well, you’d probably just better buy a new computer?” Then D-Link™ is the router for you!

D-Link™ is now available at a retailer near you. Look for the discount underwear in the window.


The Mother Of All Computer Gadgets

December 10, 2008

I had no idea things like this even existed.

This is the Behringer iAxe USB guitar. Look at it. This is something else. For one thing, it looks like my long-lost cream 1972 Strat, but if it was made of plastic, I guess. According to Steve’s, a wicked cool Toronto music store, it has a maple neck and actual pickups … this might be a real guitar. At first, I thought it was one of those Guitar Rock Band Hero video game things, but it isn’t.

It comes with special software that I think lets you just plug into your computer and play right to the drive, adding pedal effects, filters, etc. on the fly. This might be fun. And Behringer is a trustworthy name when it comes to USB audio tech.

What else? It has a built-in headphone jack, and you can load the guitar with MP3 files and jam along with them. I would have loved this as a teenager, when I was hashing out Cult riffs on an old Yamaha acoustic …

My only concern is the price: $130 new. That’s a bit on the low end for something new. I wouldn’t pay that little for an actual guitar, let alone one that has all kinds of high tech in it. Still, the next time I’m in Toronto I may try it out, just to see.