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Zeppelin Without Plant?

October 9, 2008
New singer? Doubtful.

New singer? Doubtful.

Holy shit, can this be legit? A high-up source in the music industry says Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham are ready to tour without singer Robert Plant. Reports indicate they’ve drafted singer Myles Kennedy of the band Alter Bridge to take Plant’s place as Zeppelin storms forth into the 21st century.

This comes on the heels of weeks of talks between the parties. Plant has held off on committing to the tour, sure to be a monster moneymaker; he’s been on the road with Alison Krauss and apparently doesn’t want to put the tight pants back on.

But last thing your Weather Station heard, he had relented and was ready to let his golden howl lead the band once again.

Now this, though. It’s being reported by The Canadian Press, via the TV music station MuchMoreMusic, that plant is out and Kennedy is in. Wait, what? Oh, shit.

This “hot tip” comes from Dee Snider, who was being interviewed for the station. Yeah, Dee Snider, Twisted Sister’s tranvestite clown lunatic. That’s funny, because when I made up a list of supposed replacement singers for Led Zeppelin a few weeks back I thought of him, but rejected him as too stupid and obvious.

There has to be more to this. Stay tuned.

Well-connected rock insider? Doubtful

Well-connected rock insider? Doubtful.