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Apocalypse 2013

January 11, 2009

All you people who think 2012 is the end of the world (because the Mayans said so) — it turns out you were off by a year. Or maybe not.

A new report from the National Academy of Sciences claims the Earth could be knocked back to the 19th century if a major solar storm expected in 2013 has its way. While admitting the chances are slim, these guys in lab coats say the giant plasma wave, which sounds like a big-screen TV but is actually not, could effectively destroy all technology on the planet.

This would mean no cars, no computers, no communications. No infrastructure. No drinking water. No heating or refrigeration. Food and drug supplies would go bad immediately. Riots in the streets, right? Sheer wild-ass craziness. Basically, the whole world will look like the Bourbon Street the day after Katrina.

This apparently happened before. In the 1850s, a solar storm fried all the telegraph wires in the world. We have a lot more wires now … I remember this happening in the 80s; Quebec lost its power because of solar flares or something. It was pretty sci-fi. But I also remember all the Y2K nonsense.

Anyway, this came on the radio today in the minivan. The kids were abuzz with the idea of not having technology, and eventually concluded that it might not be so bad. And I had to agree. Sure, I wouldn’t be able to write for you fine people anymore. But I could do my best Pa Ingalls impression and chew on a corncob pipe, that sort of thing. We could go back to the land, grow our own veggies, hunt and fish; I could become some kind of travelling storytelling minstrel.

I’m going to have to let Buddy know about this.