Black October: Rubber

October 6, 2011

I can’t even talk to you right now. I’m a mess. I just watched what is either one of the best, or one of the worst, movies of all time.

  • PLOT: Rubber is a movie about a guy named Robert who roams the American desert, using his telekinetic powers to explode the heads of rabbits, cops and motel maids. Sometimes he just watches TV; he likes workout shows and NASCAR, which makes sense, because he’s a tire. A tire. He seems to notice this halfway through the movie, after he has a shower and a swim and sees himself in the mirror, and realizes he’s a tire. A tire.

So I just watched a flick about a tire rolling through the desert, killing people. It’s also about how aware the people within it are that they are in a movie, with a unique opener and an ongoing meta-subplot involving the audience, a group of people randomly gathered in the desert to watch Robert’s travels through binoculars, or maybe they’re staring at a distant drive-in. It’s tough to tell. And then they have their turkey dinner.

It’s severely flawed, but at the same time works on a smarter level then most people would notice, so as I sit here now, an hour after watching it, I have to say it has carved itself a nifty niche and, sorry, rolled onto new road, and so I have to go ahead and recommend it.

  • Spoiler: He’s a tire.

I liked how Robert got a screen credit for playing the tire.


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