Who’s Johnny?

July 29, 2011

The kids were, as usual, bickering about which movie to watch. My daughter wanted to watch Whip It again, because she’s infatuated with roller derby and will likely be a superstar in the sport if this incarnation sticks around. The boy wanted Star Wars, but only the parts involving Lego. I found a compromise: Short Circuit.

They loved it, of course. How could you not like it? Although my son did say it was clearly a ripoff of Wall-E.

The strangest moment, though, came here:

  • Daughter: “How old is this movie?”
  • Dad: “It came out in 1986.”
  • Daughter: “How old were you?”
  • Dad: “I guess I was 18 or 19.”
  • Daughter: “Whoah — how did they get it to be in colour?”

Moral of the story: No allowance for the daughter this week.



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