Moving: The New Neighbours

July 6, 2011

I suspect the guy across the street has never even heard of the Internet, so I’m not worried about him ever reading this. Which is good, because I am going to complain a bit.

We are now one week into life in our new house. We’ve moved back into the city, and are perched on a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburb built in the 50s. So the trees are big, the grass is green, and the homes are well-established. Things may have looked prefab a generation ago, but now this neighbourhood has grown into itself. We quite like it. Except for one thing.

There is an old man across the street who sits on his front steps and watches us all day.

He doesn’t sip a beer, or read a newspaper, or do crosswords. He just sits there, in a lawn chair on his four-foot-by-four-foot concrete front step, and stares at our house, from sunup to sundown. We can see him from the dining room and one of the bedrooms. He just watches us. Occasionally, he’ll look over at the people next to him, if they’re out polishing the boat they’re trying to sell in the front yard. But mostly, it’s us.

We’ve met him. He came over as we were moving in and introduced himself, and promptly told us all kinds of things about the woman who lived in this house before. She was his primary source of amusement, it seems. And now, that job falls to us. I will have to work on my Juggling in a Speedo routine.

“Well,” Mrs. Weathereye told me after I went on a rant about the subject, “at least if we get robbed, we’ll know what the thieves look like. He’s our security system.”

I like to look at the bright side of things, and in this case, I wish I could be like him, still and calm and watchful. So easily amused. It would save me a lot of money on books and DVDs and the Internet …

Someday I’ll get used to having neighbours again. Next, I’ll tell you about the mullet guy who does sudoku puzzles all day and the bearded, bespectacled character we have nicknamed Big Giant Jakob.



  1. Not only do you have a security system in the event of theft, but you might also have a prime suspect! Haha!

    This is my first time commenting, and I’d like to say I am a big fan of your work on BYSR and the Starbase. I know that likely sounds cliche and stale, but it is the truth. Thanks for all the wonderful content you put out in the various forms!

  2. So I’m guessing that’s why you got the great deal on the house?

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