Happy Canada Day

July 1, 2011

I haven’t really slept in a week. Between working 12-hour night shifts, moving to a new house, visiting with relatives and getting the kids ready for the end of school, I am worn out. My back hurts. My knees ache. There are hundreds of boxes of books, DVDs, VHS tapes and comics stacked in my new basement. Tomorrow, I have to paint the living room and the upstairs study. On Sunday, I’m installing a new subfloor in my basement studio and building audio baffles for the walls, then putting in carpet.

But today is Canada Day, my country’s birthday. So I’m taking it easy. I’m listening to Gordon Lightfoot while sitting in a bathtub full of maple syrup, eating bacon. Everything else can wait. I’m busy being Canadian, eh. Even got a touque.

My neighbour is firing off fireworks. Adjusting to neighbours is a bit strange, as we had none in the old house; yesterday I heard him fart in his yard while he was doing a Sudoku.

Happy Canada Day.



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