Talk Nerdy To Me

June 4, 2011

After seeing this image on the Internet, I deployed my crack team of Weather Station field agents to track down this lovely lady. She turned out to be a student in Columbus, Ohio, named Jeannie. “Tell me,” I asked her during a Skype conversation, “What do people actually say to you when they see that T-shirt?” She later emailed me some samples she nicely typed up for me

  • “I like your Hogwarts.” (Tyler at KFC that night after the party at Becca and Stacie’s new apartment)
  • “I would like to share with you my theory about big bangs.” (Tyler at that Irish pub where they don’t check ID)
  • “Okay. I’m afraid of women, so I can’t talk to you, but later, I will tell my mom you’re my girlfriend.” (Rob in my trig class, who used to ignore me but now stares at me all the time with a little smile)
  • “Wow, Bristol Palin, your plastic surgery worked out great!” (Some old lady with a smoker’s cough at Wal-Mart)
  • “The reason a single-nacelled vessel is, in fact, impossible, is explained through a careful examination of Newtonian physics and Dr. Richard Dyson’s modelling of artificial wormhole creation in a void.” (Rick, the guy my dad knows in Florida)
  • “Sorry for puking on your favorite shirt.” (Tyler again)

UPDATE: Jeannie and Tyler are now dating; He was spotted at the KFC wearing her Green Lantern ring.



  1. That was adorable.

  2. I bought the same shirt for Allison for our first Christmas.

  3. Damn! Her dad knows the admiral?!

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