Wonder Woman Photo Caption Contest

May 23, 2011

Okay, Weather Station readers: I encourage you to come up with a caption for this backstage photo from the aborted Wonder Woman TV series, which shows star Adrian Pawlentypapa in the “final” version of the uniform and a guy who might be one of the Romulan extras from 2009’s Star Trek movie. Enter your caption ideas in the comment box; I’ll pick a winner later. Prizes include a used Speedo (suitable for framing), coupons from Ricky’s Jerky Shack on Highway 144 and an autographed picture of me looking at a picture of Wonder Woman. Consolation prize is a date with an Elvis impersonator to be named later.



  1. Who’s the chick with Powder?

  2. Hey, Lex, you ever have one of those dreams where you go to work and then realize you’re in your underwear?

  3. I wonder what the lasso of truth would reveal today?


  5. I’m going with “The only thing worse than the quality of fans at this convention is the quality of costumes on the hookers, oops, models.” Also, this means I win the used speedo.

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