Dear Ruth Ellen Brosseau

May 6, 2011

Dear Ruth:

I just wanted to tell you I think you’re getting a raw deal this week. Sure, you agreed to run as a parachute NDP candidate in a far-away riding with no intention of ever (a) going there or (b) standing a chance in Hull of being elected. A lot of other people are in the same boat. But look what happened – Le Cult de Jack ignited in Quebec, and it didn’t matter whose name was on the NDP sign, because people were showing up at the polls and just colouring the ballot orange with a Crayola.

You took some heat during the campaign for going to Las Vegas instead of taking part in debates or, you know, actually talking to anyone. And there’s the whole thing about not being able to speak French; as 98% of your new constituents are francophone, this could pose a problem … but since you’ve never even been there, what’s the issue? Hire that guy who got laid off from the gas station to operate your constituency office and email important-type stuff to you at your new Ottawa condo after running it through one of those free online Internet translators. He’ll be grateful, too, because at the gas station he had to count pennies every night after Pukey Jean-Claude came in to buy his smokes, es-ti.

People who criticize you seem to be forgetting that they were demanding change just a few weeks ago. Well, they got it. They got 56 rookie Quebec NDP MPs, and dozens more from across the country, who are about to transform politics in a way that hasn’t been seen since Preston and his amateur army invaded Ottawa in the early ’90s. So what if you were managing a pub last week, and now you’re a member of parliament with a staff and an office and a car and a $157,000 salary? You’re a single mom who worked in a bar, so you represent a huge slice of Canada that probably assumed nobody in Ottawa could speak for them. Change? This is change.

We moan and complain about the same old, same old, the old boys’ club, the status quo. And we complain when surprises come along, when change hits us hard. We shouldn’t do that. We should put our faith in the people who ran for office on a whim, got elected, and now have to prove whether they can do the job.

Because ultimately, the voters will decide what happens next.

Also, I think you have nice hair.



P.S. Say hi to that teenager who also got elected.



  1. Scandale à Berthier: la direction du NPD est responsable !

    C’est la direction du NPD qui est responsable de cet outrage à la démocratie, et non pas les électeurs qui ont de bonne foi voté pour des mesures sociales progressistes … qui ne se réaliseront d’ailleurs pas du fait de la victoire des conservateurs.

    Il est très choquant d’entendre le discours de Monsieur Layton, qui nous répète ad nauseam que tout va bien à propos des élections dans la circonscription de Berthier-Maskinongé … puisque Madame Ruth Ellen Brosseau a été “kidnappée” pour son bien et pour celui de ses malheureux électeurs. Cette tentative maladroite de colmater une brèche dans la réputation du NPD est tout à fait contreproductive, car d’autres cas de malversations apparaissent, que l’inexpérience, l’improvisation ou l’incompétence ne peuvent excuser, puisque l’on a affaire à un parti qui prétendait accéder au pouvoir, et non à un de ces groupuscules pittoresques qui parsèment marginalement le paysage électoral.

    Après nous avoir abusés avec un “miroir aux alouettes” progressiste, les “orangistes” de Toronto ont-ils l’ambition de nous faire “prendre des vessies pour des lanternes” ?

    En tant que membre du NPD-Québec, je demande à Monsieur Layton de respecter les citoyens du Québec ainsi que l’éthique que notre parti prétend mettre de l’avant, en reconnaissant les malversations de mise en candidature dans diverses circonscriptions du Québec, et en exigeant la démission immédiate de Madame Ruth Ellen Brosseau.

    Yves Claudé – sociologue

  2. Hey Girl…Congrats on your win.. Veryrefreshing to have elected politicians like yourself going to Ottawa. Love your courage and we need people like you to represent us… Luv ya good luck salut, keith

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