April 27, 2011

One night in the mid-1990s, I received a very strange email. “Can you do something about the power outage in the building? We’ve been without electricity here for two days and we won’t pay our rent if you don’t fix it right away.” Signed, Dr. Wayne.

Problems here:

  • I don’t know Dr. Wayne.
  • I was not, and never have been, any kind of landlord or building superintendant.

My response: “If you don’t have electricity, how are you using a computer?”

The next day, he wrote again: “I guess the power came on without me noticing. Thanks for all your help!!!!!!! Dr. Wayne.” LOL had not yet been invented, but you could sort of tell he would have used it if it had.

I still wonder what the fuck was going on with that email.


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