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April 14, 2011

Two old posts on this site have garnered a lot of attention lately. These are Stargate 2: The Return of Kurt Russell and Things You Probably Don’t Know About Skinheads. These posts have racked up a lot of visits in the past few weeks, vastly outstripping quality work like Deja Vu and that one about Keanu Reeves, and also Deja Vu.

Thanks to the amazing stats tracking offered by WordPress, I know where these visitors are coming from, and I can read the various forum posts referring to the Weather Station. So I decided to offer a quick update to those two posts for all my new friends.

  • 1. Read Stargate 2 all the way to the end, please. And then once again.
  • 2. Thanks, commenting skinheads, for proving my point.

We’ll be back after a word from our sponsor:




  1. “i didn’t know being a racist isn’t ok but being a hypocrite and being racist towards a racist was ok.”

    This brought a smile to my face.

    • Oh, but now you’re being racist toward a racist who is racist to racists.

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