The New Weather Station Studios

April 10, 2011

So we bought a house today. The listing agent called it a “mini mansion,” and it is — it’s a much larger house than we expected to find in our price range, with seven bedrooms and a full, partially finished basement that will soon become a rec room once I put in a subfloor. And right beside the rec room there’s a 12×12 space that will soon be the new home of the Weather Station Studios. I plan to cork and carpet the walls, install new overhead booms and build a sound-dampening isolation box for the big fat Mac tower I use to record with. Throw in one of the old sofas and my office chairs, and baby, we’re cooking with gas.

One side of the room will have space for my guitars and drums, while the other will hold my desk, mixers and microphones. A low shelf running around the room, a foot below the ceiling, will hold my books, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes and Star Trek action figures.

The beauty of this is there’s so much extra space upstairs I will no longer have to share my workspace with the kids. This means, of course, that when I sit down to write for you fine people, or record a new show, I won’t find my computer screen frozen on the Moshi Monster website or an aborted game of Minecraft. They’ll have their own computer room upstairs, which is where the Windows machines will soon live.

I will be down in my cave. Plotting world domination.


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  1. SWEET!!!

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