Tarzan Discovers Music

March 24, 2011

So my youngest kid, Tarzan, which is not his real name but is the name he answers to most often, wanted an iPod. He’s seven. He does not need an iPod. We have several in the house, along with other MP3 players and old cellphones that can still be used as cameras and music players. But he wanted a specific one: the iPod Shuffle, because apparently some kid at school named Keegan has one, and they are cool in Grade 2, along with snot and farts.

“Not a chance,” I told him before making him clean the basement. I am a dedicated parent, but I hate picking up Lego.

Then we were at Walmart the other day and we spotted a cheap little MP3 player, $10, that looked enough like the Shuffle to fool him. “You want this?” I asked. He said yes. And now he’s telling the world his daddy bought him an iPod, and I paid less for it than I pay for a sandwich. Later, I went to the dollar store to get him a pair of old-school headphones, because the earbuds that came with his new machine are too big for his little Tarzan ears, and I also needed bandannas.

Now I come to the surprising part of all this: the MP3 player is actually pretty decent. I’ve bought a few low-end players over the years, but this one is fairly solid. Simple drop-and-drag interface, sturdy design, and a clip. It works. I might go back and get one for myself, you know, for the gym. Well, for driving past the gym.

Music: Tarz wanted to be able to listen to the John Williams Star Wars soundtracks. And the Ben 10 theme, and any Batman-related music I could find. I added some other stuff, because he likes the Beatles a bit. I also threw in that Adam Sandler/Kevin Nealon comedy routine about the farting hypnotist, and The Final Countdown, which seems to be the kid’s new favourite tune. When it comes on, he pumps his fists in the air. I am glad he has inherited my interest in ’80s hair metal.

On a whim, I added Fight For Your Right To Party, which led to the best musical moment of my week: my kid stopping mid-step, turning, wide-eyed, removing his headphones, and asking me a question: “Daddy, did you put a song on here that’s about a guy who doesn’t want to go to school? Awesome!” It appears he likes the Beastie Boys even more than Europe. My pride is huge.

Remember, this is the kid who still thinks we came to Earth on the Enterprise. And now he likes hard rock and goofy hip-hop. Later, he asked me to get him The Ring, because he heard it’s super-scary. So we have our weekend covered.


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