McPoyles 2

March 22, 2011

I’m sorry for subjecting you to my weird fascination with the bathrobe-wearing milk-drinking incest-celebrating McPoyles from TV’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I guess I’ve always been intrigued by weird, eccentric, greasy-shiny freak families, which is probably also why I was so into the Jacksons in the ’70s.

I realized today that when I offered you a photo of the McPoyle twins with their deaf-mute love-bag sister, Margaret, I was subjecting you to a level of horror the likes of which have not been seen on this website since I wrote about being able to see Britney Spears’ panties. Here, let me remind you of whom I speak:

The sight of her makes me recoil, as does the the sight of her brothers, who occasionally leave their stinking, humid apartment to grope her in public. Margaret McPoyle is a television marvel, a character as repugnant as Mimi from the Drew Carrey Show, but dirtier, and sicker … when you see her and her brothers on the screen, you might find yourself convinced you can actually smell the nineteen days’ worth of unwashed bumcrack you know follows them around.

But here’s the trick: it’s acting, and acting on a level TV doesn’t see often. If you don’t believe me, click on the photo to see what the actress who plays Margaret looks like outside the incest den. Thesey Surface, which is not only her name, but actually a name, proves how powerful a performer can be with a stick-on unibrow and a lack of dialogue. Yet another example of why this comedy show, which I am rediscovering, is the funniest thing you’ll see this week, if you’re sick and evil.



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