Black Superhero Month: Misty Knight

February 15, 2011

Sadly saddled with the name of an ’80s porn star, Misty Knight is an odd Marvel creation who turns up on a regular basis and is, as far as I’m concerned, always welcome. She’s a New York City private investigator, a smart-talking ass-kicker who spent the ’70s in a series of tight black turtlenecks and tighter jeans, with a shoulder holster.

“But this is about superheroes,” you say. And I reply with this: Misty has a bionic arm and can punch through a wall, or help you deliver a fridge one-handed. That beats a lot of other alleged superpowers, and yes, I’m talking to you, Moon Knight, you douche.

Misty and PI partner Colleen Wing turned up in Power Man & Iron Fist (an underrated ’70s classic) and when artist John Byrne moved over to The Uncanny X-Men, he brought them along. Later, she became an essential part of the Marvel universe, anchoring various Heroes for Hire teams, and is one of the lynchpins that helps nerds like Henry Pym and The Vision keep crime under control. When things get slow, she arm-wrestles for money at Irish pubs.

I have always been glad that Marvel did not ever choose to spandex Misty up and call her Power Woman or Iron Arm or something. She’s just Misty Knight, a real woman in a world of costumed Avengers, with a shoulder holster and a robot arm.

Okay, I just got a  little turned on there.



  1. Right now she is the leader in a new Hero For Hire book.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of Misty Knight. Also I don’t see how she could hit the Rhino that hard even with a robot arm?

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