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Uncontacted? Sure …

February 9, 2011

Remember that stone-age Amazon tribe that was photographed a couple of years ago, those uncontacted people reacting in shock as an airplane flew overhead? The government of Brazil has released high-res photos of them in an effort to draw attention to their plight. It seems loggers and miners and other corporate-type scum are moving into their land, and could force these gentle, naked people out of their territory, or something.

After looking over the photos, I have one question: If these people are actually uncontacted, why is one of them dressed up like Spider-Man?

It would be fair to say my Spider-suspicions are tingling, folks. After all, the world has been fooled before. But while that has happened, there really are uncontacted people, living in quiet harmony with nature, hiding from modern life. And then there’s the North Sentinelese, who are probably the scariest people on the planet. They dress like Batman.