Black Superhero Month: Storm

February 6, 2011

Marvel’s most important female superhero is Storm. Sorry, Sue Richards, sorry, Wanda, sorry She-Hulk. Storm, a hard sell during Len Wein’s relaunch of the X-Men (“We already have Johnny Storm and Sue Storm and Johnny Blaze and also one time I had a thunderstorm outside my house!”) quickly became a key element of the ’80s version of the team, eventually becoming its leader after losing her powers and growing a mohawk. The same thing happened to me once, too.

Storm has remained a mainstay of the Marvel Universe for almost 40 years, serving as a member of the Fantastic Four, marrying the Black Panther out of left field, and generally looking smoking hot all the time, except in the movies.

My only beef with Storm is the nature of her powers. Storm controls the weather, and how that works has never been explained. Mutants are born with their abilities, which seem to be things with groundings in science; telepathy, telekinesis, wings, giant prehensile toes, uncontrollable eyebeams, reality-warping probability hexes, blue skin, long slippery tongues and the ability to self-generate maggots from the skin. Wait, forget I mentioned “science.” She can control the weather, and she knows what happens to electrocuted toads.



  1. There is a mutant the controls magnetism, with is a fundamental force of the universe. There’s one that control gravity, another fundamental force. Weather is a force of the universe, it exists on planets, moons, stars and even in space. If you’ve got someone who can control gravity and someone who can control magnetism, why not someone who can manipulate weather?

  2. Saying that “a mutant did it” is just a modern way of saying, “A wizard did it.” Only, wizards didn’t usually wear thongs, which is why modern mythology is superior. In two thousand years, I hope The Book of Mutants has replaced the Bible and the Mutant Pope rides around in a wheelchair.

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