One Hundred Nerds, One Hundred Hurdles

February 4, 2011

I was lucky enough to be invited down to Toronto to take part in the recording of Nerd Hurdles 100. Here are 1o true facts about that day.

  1. I got lost on the way because my GPS thinks Toronto is Barcelona, for some reason.
  2. Jakob’s beard reaches his knees. He braids it before raiding and boarding enemy schooners.
  3. The Hurdle Hut features some interesting antique blades, and a wall of music, and a painting of a Lego man.
  4. There are two rats, on purpose.
  5. The Hut’s recording space is scarily comfy, with cats and a Star Trek poster.
  6. Studio Ampersand is off the recording area. I glimpsed guitars and digital drums, but was not permitted to enter, probably because Jakob has actually heard me make music.
  7. The Nerds use floor microphone boom stands, which I don’t like and kept banging into. You didn’t hear this because the Jakester is a wicked good post editor.
  8. When Mandi says “I think it’s time for the sausage,” she means actual sausage, which Jakob cooked outdoors in the cold and snow. It was yum. He wore pants, which was a refreshing change.
  9. I had a bag of emergency jerky in my backpack, and these two cats kept coming by to sniff it. I recommend emergency jerky, by the way. It never fails you.
  10. If you click on that picture up there, you can hear the episode. Lucky you.


  1. I am disappointed. These sound plausible. Almost believable. 🙂

  2. The above “facts” are certified 100% true-esque. In spirit at least.

    To clarify you were allowed to enter Stuido A. I’m not sure why the door wouln’t open all the way. Probably a fat cat was blocking it.

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