Her Bad Day vs. My Bad Day

January 28, 2011

Mrs. Weathereye had a shitty day today. And so did I. The question is, whose day was worse?

  • My awesome old red minivan would not start at 8 a.m., and I suspected it might be low on gas, so I had her drive me to the gas station with my gas can.

She had to drive me to the gas station with my gas can.

  • I was still wearing my pyjamas, with a parka and my big snow boots.

She had to drive me to the gas station while I was wearing my pyjamas and my big snow boots.

  • When I got home, the hot water tank had shut off, so I had to turn it back on and wait an hour. I put the gas in the van and it still didn’t start, and my efforts to start it killed the battery.

At work, the battery on her remote microphone died, so she had to dash through slush to a corner store to buy a AAA, run back to her tripod, reconnect the sound and try to record a standup.

  • I used the snowblower and got all sweaty.

When she got back to the newsroom, Final Cut wouldn’t recognize her video files and, in trying to figure it out, she deleted the morning’s work.

  • My garage sent two guys out to start the van and they couldn’t do it, so they charged me $85 for two minutes’ work and also they laughed at my pyjamas.

She spent 90 minutes on the phone with our video tech guy in Toronto, and couldn’t solve the problem.

  • The boss called and asked me to come in early, so I walked to work, which takes 90 minutes. At this point, I was no longer wearing pyjamas, and I had an excellent supply of emergency jerky to get me through.

Things went way downhill from there.



  1. What make is your minivan? Because I never want to buy one.

  2. C’mon, NerdHurdlers. You know you’ll only buy the fake-Ro and fake-GAB style TOS Shuttle mini-van!

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