The Eightiest Headshot Of All Time

January 17, 2011

This is a kid named Jeremy, who played the smart twin on a stupid show and at some point was told he needed this sweater and that haircut in order to conquer the super-like-important-Tiger Beat market. Sandy Duncan often gave him advice. He had two brothers, one of whom was a Bluth and the other of whom was a Ponce. His dad was Chris Kositchek, and later, his dad was Roman Brady, while still being the same guy, which made no sense, and if you tell anyone that I know that, I will punch you in the ear.

The sad thing is that I had that haircut. Life is such a sweet insanity.



  1. Wish I had that hair. I just had the sweater.

  2. Wow. Funny — I’ve never heard you make reference to anyone like Roman Brady or Chris Kositchek (are you sure you spelled that right?) over on the starbase. Hmmm. Seeing you in a whole different light now.


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