Enter The Cogswell

January 8, 2011

My youngest son loves the title of this new music release, a huge and wonderful dugan’s worth of cool instrumental tracks (album art by Ro Karen)

The epic and magical maritimer who calls himself Cogswell has just released a free download of his 2010 musical output, which contains several cover versions of a song written by me. Because it’s all about me. Also, I wrote the song using pre-recorded loops made by somebody else, but I take all the credit, because that’s what I do.

He also sampled my voice for a couple of tracks, something to do with the Big Dog.

This is wicked good music by a guy who calls himself the world’s biggest asshole — but he’s the only person who thinks that. The rest of us are just glad to have him as a friend. A friend who gives us free music, that is. Also, once he sent me a microscope.

Download it here.


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