Currently Residing in the Where Are They Now File: Go West

December 9, 2010

I bought a vinyl LP at the VV Boutique the other day: Go West. This sparked dim memories of seeing this album cover in record stores in the ’80s, but I don’t remember the music. Still, the LP cover grabbed my attention, because one guy looks like he wants to be scary and the other one looks like he has to go pee. (That’s the CD cover, because the LP cover wouldn’t fit in my scanner, duh).

Flipping it over, I learned their names were Cox and Drummie, so I had to buy it. Plus, it was fifty cents. There was a song by The Cult called Go West, but it wasn’t the same. Anyhow, after I framed the LP cover and added it to my wall of geekery, I had to resort to Google-Fu to learn more about this strange alternate universe version of Wham, and I came up with these:

Second LP: As was typical of British bands of this period, the boys evolved a harder, more edgy look. One is Cox. One is Drummie. I successfully avoided the urge to check Wikipedia to determine which is which.

“Greatest Hits.” It’s an EP. I didn’t check Wikipedia, so that might be made up.

Most recent photo: “We’re back together for our reunion tour, opening for Right Said Fred!”

  • Update: I did, finally, look at Wikipedia. Cox was the drummer, and Drummie was the guitarist, which is kind of like ZZ Top.

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