Today’s Podcast: Rich Daily

November 19, 2010

I have spent the past few days remembering why I love to podcast, and why I love to listen to podcasts. And that’s thanks to Richard Smith. Rich and his cronies at Simply Syndicated offered me, a talk-radio addict looking for something new, an opening to a world of citizen radio (or ‘craft radio,’ as the Masters of Buns call it).

I have been a serious Richard Smith addict for years now, scooping up Movies You Should See, Make It So, Weekend Watches, The Definitive Word, the Bollocks Show, Richard and Allison’s Super-Happy Fun Time and that weird episode of Games You Should Play. There’s just something about the guy that appeals to my sense of humour, my taste in film, my approach to modern technology and that sort of thing. Also, he has excellent hair.

Anyway, Richard has a new show: Rich Daily. You can probably guess what it’s about. This is a daily slice of an unusual life delivered straight from Yorkshire, with music (from the Musical Mousemat stable of amazing musicians), cool guests, great banter and more, all wise, all funny and always interesting. Even that part about car racing. It’s the perfect gateway into the world of Simply Syndicated.

Every day, I am reminded that podcasters do what they do not to hear their own voices, but to share with you. They do it at great personal expense, and they know there will be no huge payoff (except for Richard, with that whole evil emperor thing). They do it — we do it — to communicate with you. It’s pure communication.

Check out Rich Daily here. And he has a nifty tech blog, too. This is where I learned about WordPress. Warning: Clicking on the ‘modelling’ tab does not show you what you think it does.


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