Today’s Podcast: Hardcore History with Dan Carlin

November 2, 2010

Me like show this is. Can Darlin smart smart man. He know about old things happening and why and wars and bad thigns and funny stuff 2. Me am many smarter awesome since listen to this starting last year after Can Darlin beam to Starbase. Some history boring, this not ever is, and I like new ones about Roam where you want to Roam around the world. My thinking I know lots many stories to old fashion time, this guy know many more, making me stupid or just feel stupid. You understand.

This is the click spot.



  1. I have to agree with you on this one. I always thought I knew a lot of history, but when I listen to Mr. Carlin, I always feel a little dumber at the start, and a little smarter at the end.

  2. No offense to NH or SB66 (they are still in my Top 3 favorite podcasts), but “Hardcore History” is my favorite podcast, ever, and always will be, as long as Dan keeps making them. The entire back catalogue is amazing, and I listen to it several times a year.

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