Captain America Looks A Little Upset

October 28, 2010

Here’s our first look at Chris “Human Torch” Evans as Steve “Captain America” Rogers in the new movie of the same name. Is it me, or does he look like he’s just been crying. “I’m going to be playing Marvel characters for the rest of my career!”

Click to biggify. Anyway, Aside from the Michael Cera expression on his face, Chris Evans looks good as Cap, and I particularly like the denim-and-canvas uniform; that makes sense for a World War 2 character. It’s rugged and tough and can be dyed many colours.

Coming soon: Chris Evans in Ant-Man.



  1. I like Chris Evans, but I’m not sure he’s square-jawed, blond, and Boy Scout enough for the tight-assed Cap. He also doesn’t reek of the 1940s the way Steve Rogers should.

  2. The sheild still doesn’t make sense for a WWII era character.

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