Today’s Podcast: Nerd Hurdles

October 26, 2010

Before I get to talking about my favourite Canadian podcast ever of all time, I would like to address some comments I made a few days ago. Apparently, in reviewing the Masters of None podcast, I made some remarks that offended the hosts of the show. These allegedly include:

  1. A challenge to fight
  2. A reference to daily baseball cap usage
  3. A veiled allegation of nerdery
  4. Kirk Cameron
  5. A joke about Mike’s eyebrows

I hate to burn bridges with fellow podcasters, particularly guys from the Simply Syndicated network, so I’m going to have to go ahead and apologize. Here it is: Mike, I actually like your eyebrows, and they kind of make me jealous. Please PM me the address of your esthetician.

Anyway, the exact polar opposite of Masters of Bone is Nerd Hurdles, which we often call our sister show (on Starbase 66), mostly because both NH hosts have really long hair. Nerd Hurdles took shape on our forums as prolific writer/musician/artist/photographer/genius/bananaslammer Jakob met, courted and recruited the mighty Mandi and convinced her their relationship would hinge on a weekly conversation about things people are afraid to like because other people might think they are nerds. If that last sentence worked for you, you will like this podcast.

Nerd Hurdles is my kind of show; I feel, every week, that they are talking to me. Except for the one about Harry Potter. extremely intelligent, usually informed and wickedly funny, and includes occasional appearances from Igor the houseboy and a talking Hispanic banana.

I was on this show once, but only accidentally, because of an ill-timed Skype call, Twitter and Geordie Laforge. Jakob and Mandi have been on our show though, and Mandi offered up the greatest line ever uttered in podcasting: “What is it, a ketchup packet?” You can hear that on our Christmas show from last year. It’s important to mention that we know each other in real life, and when I fought Jakob, he was totally wicked with a bo staff.

Apparently the links to the show are too hard to find, so here goes: Listen to Nerd Hurdles. Or you can also click here.



  1. Banana Slammer sounds like…A) A Mexican wrestling move B) The latest Spring Break shot C) A magazine you’d buy in the back room of a Bourbon Street 7-11 D) All of the above.

    Please be prepared to defend your answer on the game grid, and show all your work.

  2. I love to Nerd On. It’s one of my favourite pastimes.
    I quite enjoy Dorking In also. Although my schedule nowadays doesn’t allow it as much.
    And, on occasion, you may find me Geeking Out but to find a way of doing ALL THREE at the same time!?!
    I thought it was a crazy notion, until I listened to Nerd Hurdles.
    Now I have my nerd urges satisfied every week by Jacob and Mandi and I haven’t looked back since.

  3. Anyone who is looking for a link to the show in that post (I couldn’t find it, but my komputor machine is acting funny this afternoon) can find it here: http://www.nerdhurdles.com

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