Today’s Podcast: Here Goes Nothing

October 25, 2010

Or, as I like to call it, Here Goes Nuffin’. And I call it that in a crap imitation of Elton from Apotheosis of a Bombast. HGN is the granddaddy of our federation of podcasts, one of the first shows to spin out of the Simply Syndicated listeners’ community. More than two years on, it remains a consistently funny and informed exploration of the world of film, beer, popular culture, music and martial arts, except for the “informed” part.

Did you ever have a bunch of friends who would start off the evening just fine, then slowly descend into giggle-fuelled fits of humour one-up-manship? Think of Seth Rogen’s posse in Knocked Up, only funnier, cleaner and better-looking, and you have Boz and Casey of HGN. These guys never fail to make me wish I was sitting there with them, and that says a lot about the show, even the ones Casey recorded with his kids’ Wii microphone.

Here Goes Nothing is actually pretty difficult to define. I have not done a good job. So it’s up to you to dive into their clang chamber, fair listener. Find them here.

p.s. If I find out you went and watched Knocked Up to see what I’m talking about, you can’t read my blog anymore.


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