Today’s Podcast: Make It So

October 15, 2010

This is the “gateway podcast,” the show many people say introduced them to “craft radio,” which is a new name for podcasting thought up by some guy whose name I forget. Make It So is a Simply Syndicated production, a funny, irreverent look at the world of Star Trek made by people who love Trek but also see its warts, and say so. There is very little drooling fanboyery here; it’s informed, wise, witty commentary on what made Trek work.

Make It So was the second podcast I listened to. Sort of. I had been downloading CBC Radio programs in podcast form for a while, because I am a CBC addict, and my work schedule meant I missed all the morning programs. After a while, I started listening to Jay and Jack’s Lost Podcast, and then, curious, Googled “Star Trek podcast.” You know you’ve done this too. And this led me to the old Libsyn page, and then to the Digg podcasts page, which no longer exists. That’s how I listened to Make It So for the better part of a year.

At this point in my stupid life, I had only dial-up Internet at home. This was the period where I lived in a one-bedroom apartment in the student ghetto, complete with air mattress and Rubbermaid containers full of clothes. The official name for this is “Divorcitis.” So I listened to podcasts at work, on graveyard shift, while building pages for a daily newspaper. This is where that fateful Googling happened. And I remember my immediate response:

  • What the hell do the English know about Star Trek?”

A day or two later, I tried again, and was immediately hooked. The episode was an early one, in which the hosts tried to convince a friend (Craig Bevan of Movies You Should See) that he should watch Star Trek. It was funny. It was informed. I kept listening, and eventually realized that these people made other shows, and now I’m on their network. Simply Syndicated. Dot Com.

Make It So has had some ups and downs over the past three years. Personnel changes, scheduling woes and even an intentional hiatus have meant the show isn’t as regular as it once was. But when it does appear, it is the best thing you will ever hear about Star Trek.

  • Declaration of bias: I have appeared on this podcast.

You can learn more about it here. Or just Google “Star Trek podcast.”



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