Today’s Podcast: Masters of None

October 14, 2010

I would beat the shit out of these guys in a fight. All three of them against me? No problem. One slow, fat Canadian beats three wise-cracking Americans any time. All I’d have to do is yank their stupid baseball caps down over their eyes and get nunchucky on them with my Kiki-Fu.

Do I sound bitter? Yes. Because I am. The Masters of None were just at Comicon in New York, where they had a booth, and where they met and interviewed all kinds of cool people, like Janet Wood, Corey Feldman (up there with Jay) and The Hulk. I had a chance to go. I did not go. And thus I could not gaze upon the wonders of the Big Apple, which include Stan Lee, Robocop and Mike’s eyebrows. But I’ll get over it. Eventually. The Starbase is going to have a booth at the Tennessee Hockey Card Collectors Convention, which happens Friday in the old school bus behind the Waffle House. Be there. Do it. Do it.

Masters of None is a comedy podcast starring three loudmouths from the eastern seaboard. They talk about beer, movies, food and chicks, and use sports apparel and good grooming to disguise the fact that they’re almost as nerdy as I am. A note: I have appeared on their program. It was the second-best thing that happened to me that week, because I also went to the dentist.

www.mastersofnone.com is their new website, although you can find more of them at our home base at Simply Syndicated. Their new site is pretty, but for some reason, all the links take you to pictures of Kirk Cameron.



  1. Hahaha. Yup, we could’ve gotten you in for free, even. I know what will knock the icicles off your beard, how bout we link you on our new site under ‘Friends’ and you reciprocate under your much less welcoming ‘podcasts’? That will make you feel bitter. I mean better. Also, Nero told me personally that black hole he got sucked into emptied into a moose pasture in Nova Scotia.

    • I’ve never been to Nova Scotia.

      • I say, put down your hockey stick, take a swig of maple syrup and come at me… I’ll fight you with one eyebrow tied behind my back.

        Thanks for the review though… next year, you should be their. At least then when my shit goes missing I know what ass I have to kick.

  2. I thought that was the guy from Misfits.

  3. I actually asked him if he was a big Misfits fan and he said “Who’s the Misfits?”

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