Today’s Podcast: Geeks On

October 13, 2010

This is the amazing weekly podcast about geeky things that taught me that I, too, could have an Internet radio show. The Geeks’ interview with Garrett Wang of that Star Trek with the Grew is one of the best hours of podcasting ever put to tape. I mean, to … hard drive.

Here’s the latest episode:

Uh, there isn’t one. There have been few, and those few have been far between, for a couple of years. But that’s okay; these guys are living the life and are rocking games, movies and probably old Archie digests. This means (a) They’re happy and (b) There’s a void in there to be filled. Enter the Starbase.


One comment

  1. My only criticism of the Podcast is that sound quality is sometimes a little off. They have their stereo type thingy all wrong. Sometimes at work I have to listen through one headphone and only get one side of the conversation.
    But these guys really know thier stuff and since the show went “mostly” monthly, the anticipation really does build. Nice work guys, thank you.

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