Today’s Podcast: For Those About To Rock

October 8, 2010

I rock hard. Twenty-five years ago, I rocked hard with drums and guitar. Now I rock hard with an iPod in a minivan, but the way I see it, I am still seriously hardcore about my metal. And that’s because I listen to For Those About To Rock.

This is a program from Simply Syndicated, a company with which I have a business relationship. When I received my signing bonus with the network, I agreed to plug other programs whenever I could, so I’m doing that now, while setting $100 bills on fire just to see them burn. This does not mean I am plugging FTATR because I have to; I’m doing it because I like typing FTATR. I also like saying it out loud. Also, I’m doing it for the money.

FTATR is hosted by Will Tristram, with Stu Perry and Joe Logan and other special guests with names almost as manly as “Joe Logan.” It’s a Leeds-based weekly show that tears apart a rock record, track by track, from the perspective of actual musicians who know what they’re rockin’ about. You should listen to it, and afterwards, you should come by and pick me up in your Trans Am. We could go steal beer from your girlfriend’s dad and drink it behind the garage. Metal, baby.

For Those About To Rock


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