Today’s Podcast: Stuff You Should Know

October 7, 2010

This one comes from How Stuff Works, like the last one I told you about. Again, like those other guys, hosts Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuckers” Bryant are paid to find out about stuff, then talk about it on a podcast. Paid to podcast, folks. The official word for this in my circles is “man, I hate these guys.”

Stuff You Should Know is a generalized finder-abouter show; the boys pick a topic and deconstruct it through careful research that probably does not ever involve Wikipedia. And like most HSW shows, it’s a two-hander with a pair of hosts who boast different, but engaging, voices, styles, approaches and humour. Hey, this is the first podcast in the long, honoured history of podcasts to go to Guatemala! All we ever did on the Starbase is hang out in Etobicoke with Nerd Hurdles, and we didn’t even record anything.

Topics include Lego, mirrors, Vikings, Tourette’s syndrome, lotteries, James Bond and hypnosis, although I can’t make it all the way through that one, because every time I try, I wake up in the sock aisle at the dollar store.

Stuff You Should Know is probably almost as good as TechStuff, or maybe it’s the other way around.

For more information: Stuff You Should Know. Really. It’s a quiz. I failed. Just go to iTunes and save yourself the pain.

  • UPDATE: Jonathan Strickland commented on my comments about him in yesterday’s post, but I take nothing back. Also, I don’t think anyone really ever calls Chuck “Chuckers,” but I will when he calls me up to grab a beer after reading this.

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