Today’s Podcast: TechStuff

October 6, 2010

This is one of those How Stuff Works shows, created at the website’s Atlanta headquarters by writers and editors who are trained to become instant experts on instant subjects. In other words, they get paid to podcast. But TechStuff, like the other shows produced there, doesn’t sound at all corporate; it’s a fun and fast chat about a particular tech subject each week. The topics are diverse, from tech conspiracy theories to Obama’s BlackBerry and a recent fun and informative look at the rise and fall of video arcades.

These guys know their stuff, largely because they’re older, and grew up through the ’70s and ’80s as tech made the leaps and bounds that defined the last decades of the 20th and the first decade of the 21st. But they never descend into mega-tech-nerd-speak; idiots like me can follow along just fine.

Key to all of this, as with all shows, is chemistry, and this show has it. Chris Polette and Jonathan Strickland are smart, engaging and very, very different, which is crucial to making a show like this work. Polette is more reserved, while Strickland, who sounds like a 16-year-old kid, is a bit of a wiseacre.

I emailed them a few days ago to ask them a very important podcast-related question, and had no reply. So I went ahead and created this to answer my own question, as to whether Jonathan is related to Principal Strickland from Back to the Future.

How Stuff Works


One comment

  1. I apologize for not responding to the e-mail. I can assure you that Principal Strickland and I are not related, as he is fictional and I’m 75% certain I am not.

    Sixteen years old, huh? I guess I better start pitching my voice down. . . .

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