October 4, 2010

I knew this Internet thing would get me in trouble someday.

See, I didn’t realize Mrs. Weathereye was lying on the basement couch, reading a magazine. I sat down at my desk — my office and studio are part of a larger room that also includes our home theatre and many toys — and, thinking I was all alone, did what guys do when they’re by themselves with an Internet connection.

I was right into it when she sat up, saw what I was doing, and leapt to her feet. I tried to minimize the screen, but my iMac is big and bright, and she saw what I was looking at.

“You promised me!” she cried, storming towards the stairs. I jumped up and tried to stop her, but she shook off my proferred hand, turned, and jabbed a finger in my face. “You told me you were different, but it turns out you’re just like every other guy!” she shouted.

“I wasn’t going to do anything,” I said. “I was just — ”

“Screw you,” she said. “You promised me you would stop. You gave me your word! You said you were done with this. But if you’re going to keep doing this, I’m out of here!” So I promised her I would stop, and after a while, she calmed down, and we had dinner, and I think things are going to be okay.

And all because I was looking at used Macs on Kijiji.



  1. Kinky

  2. Sicko!

  3. Same thing happened to me, but with porn, believe it or not.

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