Today’s Podcast: Horror Etc.

October 2, 2010

It’s October, so I have to talk about things scary. But these guys talk about that stuff year-round, with the kind of regularity that makes other podcasters wince. Ted, Tony, Doug and their guests run a weekly show that looks at the world of horror — movies, TV, books, comics — and the world of etcetera. This includes James Bond, Star Trek and Lost, three specific episodes I often fire off at people in an attempt to get them to listen to this show, even if they don’t like horror.

  • The positives: Chemistry. These guys like one another. Knowledge: They are immersed in their media. Voices: A perfect mix. Beer: Probably not as much as listeners think, except for that one episode, and that other one. Canada: They live in Canada. In fact, just down the highway from me. I keep threatening to crash the party, and probably will, very soon.
  • The negatives: A lack of respect for the genius that is Italian horror, but they appear to be working on that.

Most of all, I like this show because Ted and I have almost exactly the same taste in everything, so I relate like mad when he gets going. And I would like to get Tony to come over and read the phone book. Of all the podcasts I listened to while I was a night janitor, this one is my favourite; I can’t look at a swirling bucket of black dirty water without thinking of Horror Etc.

Horror Etc.


One comment

  1. I love the depth of the Horroretc guys. They know their stuff, and they don’t really play favorites in the sense of shunning things that “could be better.” One example is their overview of anthology films, where they made a stop at two of my favorites. I don’t believe another podcast — whether focused on horror or film in general — would make time for “Asylum” or “The House That Dripped Blood.” Bravo!

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