Your Daily Podcast

September 30, 2010

Last year, I reviewed a horror movie each day throughout October. I was going to do that again, but then I thought ‘I should spread the word about some of the podcasts I enjoy.’ So I’m doing that. Every day, I will give you a quick look at a show I like, and you will read it, because you know my taste is better than yours.

Podcasts are audio (and sometimes video) programs distributed via the Internet. Many people don’t know much about them, and so they don’t listen. Here are some myths about podcasts:

  1. “You need an iPod to listen to them.” No. You can listen on any digital device, computer, and even burn them to CD. Same goes for iTunes; it’s handy, but there are other options for Applephobes.
  2. “Podcasts are only for nerds.” While nerds were the first to embrace podcasting, that’s only because it involves computers. If you listen to podcasts, people will think you are super-cool.
  3. “Podcasts have terrible sound quality.” Yes. Many do. But the good ones don’t, and I will only be talking about the good ones. Somewhere out there is a podcast about podcasting, done by two guys trying to speak English and not succeeding. That is not the sort of show I will be discussing. You can thank me later.
  4. “Radio is better.” In some ways, sure. If you want breaking news or some good driving music, sure, click on the radio. But podcasts are tailored to your interests; if you like Star Trek, there’s a show for you. If you like golf, there’s a show for you. If you’re into obscure Hungarian amateur midget bondage video, please keep that to yourself, because I don’t want to picture that.
  5. “Listening to podcasts will make me stupid.” That not troo, what mean it?

Declaration of bias: I am associated with a specific podcast company based in the U.K., and I will be telling you a lot about them, because we are the best podcasts in the universe, except for one of them.

For those horror movie reviews, click on Black October to your right. Now I’m going to try to think of a catchy name for this series in an attempt to take my mind off Hungarian midget bondage porn. Podtober? Octopod? Janos Does Svetlana? Ouch.


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