It’s A Boy! And A Girl! And Another Boy!

September 6, 2010

I’ve been slacking off with regard to my onlinery of late. I have an excuse: my three children have come to live with me full-time. This is a big adjustment for all of us, but it’s the best thing for all parties concerned. However, it has eaten into my hobby time; sorry about that. The podcasts will be back on track soon, and I should have some new things for you here and at the other Weather Stations.

Meanwhile, I should also point out that today is the second anniversary of operations at this particular web address. It was two years ago that I migrated away from a failed version of the Weather Station at a blogging site that shall remain nameless and landed here, where I toil for the amusement of all five of my readers, and also you.

Thanks for tuning in, folks.

p.s. The most popular article on this site remains the Killer Power Ranger. No. 2 is the naked porno teachers in England, and No. 3 is the Turds of Misery. In fact, the Turds got me on Chicago’s nightly news. That’s blog power, baby.



  1. Is your childrens new room actually a windowless shed, or is it a camouflaged cage so the neighbors won’t freak out?
    Are they staying out there permanently or just until they are housebroken?

    😉 Greetz,

    • Nah, that’s the new Weather Station. It’s where I go to hide when my daughter is listening to Ke$ha.

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