Worst Music Video Ever Of The Week: I’ll Show You Something Special

August 8, 2010

Yeah, that’s special, all right. This is Balaam and the Angel, three Scottish brothers who found refuge under Ian Astbury’s pirate-shirted wing in the mid 1980s and followed a sort of Cult Jr. path for a few years. The flouncy paisley jangle-goth of their first major-label record was followed by Live Free Or Die, a “we can do that, too!” sort of followup to The Cult’s Electric. But where The Cult seemed to actually maybe be the badasses they were pretending to be as they mutated into hard rocking hairballs, the Balaam brothers just looked absolutely terrified by all the leather they now had to wear.

Nowhere is that more evident than in this video, the first from their “metal” era. I particularly like the look on the drummer’s face as he gets out of the muscle car while trying to keep his silly hat balanced on his poofy hair.

Balaam and the Angel put out another album after this, with a fourth member added to flesh out the guitars, and I remember seeing something called just Balaam a few years after that. Apparently they have reformed and are playing some shows again, but they’re on the other side of the ocean from me, and that’s okay.

Added bonus track: “Hey, we’re big in Japan, guys … and they have a wind machine here!”


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