The Justice Society of America Goes Shopping

July 26, 2010

Tick-Tock wants to check out the iPad, but Al and Jay heard about a new Baconator at the Wendy’s down the road. This sparks an argument, until Ted shows up and drags them to a strip club. Charlie gets misplaced along the way after one of the girls swipes his goggles for her act. The night ends with Alan Scott bailing them out of jail just as Solomon Grundy is about to Have Atom.

The sad thing is, this is how they would probably really look. But that’s probably why I’ve always liked the original JSA so much: real guys. This is what Watchmen tried to get across.

I just don’t get the purses. Wait, I do; where else would the founding fathers of the DC universe keep their keys, wallets, glasses and puffers? It just makes sense.


One comment

  1. My thighs wouldn’t look that good out in the open.

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