The Arcade Fire Again

July 23, 2010

I have been vocal over the years in my dislike of this Montreal-based drone-bore band, which was, for a weird little while, Canada’s Big Thing. But that’s not what this is about. The group has pledged $1 million to Haitian relief, and I think that’s fantastic.

There’s a connection there. Whiner/wailer/accordionist Regine Chassagne is of Haitian origin, and also one of the guys in the band used to bum smokes off Steve Ladurantaye or something, I forget exactly. But what’s important to note here is that Canadian rock bands do not tend to have a million dollars lying around; even our top bands are lucky if they can afford a house with two bathrooms. Except for Celine Dion, who went to Vegas, and Bryan Adams, who went to London, and Nickelback, who we tell people came from Australia.

So this is quite a pledge, and quite a commitment.

Conditions: This is a public appeal that requires matching. If the public chips in a million, The Arcade Fire will do the same. Let’s hope that works.

I, personally, would pledge five bucks to Haitian relief if The Arcade Fire would become a full-time Sugarcubes cover band, and then stay in Quebec forever. But that’s just me. Okay, ten.


  1. I met them after a gig they did in Dublin. The chick was WEIRD but the rest of them were really really nice. Boring as hell though…

  2. Thanks for this nice Movie.

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