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July 22, 2010

Here I am taking my youngest brother, his daughter and my youngest son up the ridge.

We came home tonight to find a business card in our door, from some realtor in a city 400 km away. On the back is written “Hi, I’m developing the land behind your house as a subdivision. Please call me to see how this affects you.” This pisses me off for a variety of reasons:

  1. There is a complicated legal and civic protocol aimed at developing new subdivisions, and it does not involve a business card in the door.
  2. This realty firm has no website and almost no mention online. In this day and age, this sets off alarm bells.
  3. Most of the land behind my house is owned by the church next door. Yes, it’s prime development land; you can see the entire city from the top of the hill. It is probably in demand, and I guess the kind of people who’ll pay a million bucks for land with a view would want to move there. However, it’s also home to a family of deer, a hawk, skunks, a fox and many, many rabbits, and I’d rather have them as neighbours. Even skunks.
  4. This is the last dark sky sanctuary in the city; without streetlights, we are able to track the stars through the telescope and Solarium on my netbook.
  5. We’ve lived here three years, and I’m almost done mowing the lawn.

Truth be told, we’re looking for a bigger house anyway, so we were bound to be moving on. I just always liked the idea of this place being here. But I suspect it will soon be a warren of stupid streets filled with stupid snout houses with stupid little back yards and stupid people living in them, like the way Mark Wahlberg didn’t know which house was his in The Big Hit. That was a really bad movie.