Worst Music Video Ever of the Week: The Church, Two Places at Once

July 21, 2010

I like this song. The video, not so much. This is two songwriters with different visions, which made for a good song, but confused the hell out of the director hired to make the video. The weird Mexican hotel time-travel subplot is confusing. Also, I didn’t know Marty Willson-Piper was a Sioux.

The Church, who are the subject of the latest episode of the Pollyanna Cowgirl Records podcast, made some gorgeous songs, and some amazing music videos. This is one of my favourite bands, something that ties me to Pollyanna host Tony Pucci in a way I cannot explain. I might also be the only Church fan who calls Gold Afternoon Fix his favourite of their albums.

The Church made some nut-gruntingly-good music videos.

Uh, sorry, that wasn’t one of them. That’s an artifact of my teen years. Here’s the one you probably know:

I think it’s time for you to go to Church.



  1. Even worse than the “Two Places at Once” video is the radio edit of the same song. Beautiful song at 6 minutes, terribly slaughtered at 4 minutes. Ironic this was chosen as the single from “Sometime Anywhere”, as it’s not the most radio-friendly song from the cd, but then again, that’s how The Church roll. I think they found “Under the Milky Way” to be a mixed blessing.

    Thanks for the mention of my latest show. Oh, and it’s “Gold Afternoon Fix”, Terra Nova Cain! 😉

    • Turn down the gravity, baby.

  2. I missed an opportunity there. I should’ve said, “Terra Nova Kennedy”!

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