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TlhingoN mAH, And We Rock

July 20, 2010

In an example of the Unified Theory of Parallel Planetary Development, we present this image of El’vaH Prz’L-AY, the biggest rock star in the history of Praxis, where he worked days in the mines and at night was a hunka-hunka burning love.

“Well, since my baby left me/I’ve found a new place to dwell/It’s down at the end of lonely street/Called Third Circle of Hell and the Abyss, motherfuckers! Ghuy’cha!

While he was reportedly killed in an automatic bottom-wiper accident several years ago, Klingons like to believe El’vAH lives on, and sightings are reported on occasion, like the time my friend’s neighbour’s sister’s boss saw him leaving Chekov’s quarters early in the morning.