Superheroes On Their Day Off

July 15, 2010

With The Black Penetrator finally vanquished and Blood Onion behind bars, Lion Girl and Mane Man had a chance to sit back in their Utica home and relax with a nice light snack. Later, after tongue-bathing himself, Mane Man called his mother and asked her to pretend she had knitted him the new sweater when in reality, it was his ex-mistress, Grease Girl of the Crack Attack Sexy Force, who had made it. Once, he printed a picture off her Facebook page and put it in his tights. Lion Girl has no idea, but that’s because the scientific experiment that gave them lion powers also gave Lion Girl the actual brain of a lion. “Eat and pee,” she said. The snack issued a terse “no comment.”



  1. If ever a cat’s expression read ‘Kill me, please’…

  2. The dude looks like the dude from Kings of leon. Actually that would explain a whole lot…

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s the cat I trapped in my house by accident the other night.

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