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White Stripes: The Early Years

July 14, 2010

There are days when it really pays off to be a top-ranking music journalist. An anonymous source just sent me this photo of Jack and Meg White of the White Stripes when they were kids. You can tell from this picture that the brother and sister have always been close. This is a great photo, full of detail, like how their parents, Red and Chyna, posed the three of them in order of priority. Note the Fonzie socks on little Meg. She was clearly ahead of her time, and a bit of a rebel, with that skull ring. If you zoom in on the leather bracelet she’s wearing, you’ll see it says “OZZY.” A little girl who would wear Fonzie socks and a skull ring and some leather would clearly later decide to be a drummer, because most girls don’t want to be drummers. Most drummers don’t want to be drummers, in point of fact, but someone has to take the ugly groupie. Jack looks super-nerdy here; you can see how that urban myth about how he played geeky Paul on The Wonder Years got started.